New houses can now come with a very large master bathroom. Usually, the larger and more expensive the house, the larger and fancier the master bathroom will be. This means you will have a chance to come up with some of your own master bathroom design ideas to put the finishing touches on your new bathroom.

If you are building a master bathroom, you might consider putting in a whirlpool or water massage tub. This is your chance to get the tub of your dreams put in your very own bathroom. It seems the new tubs with many jets are very popular and installing one of these in your master bathroom will give you something to enjoy for many years.

Custom large showers are also in style now and some of them are known as "party showers". These showers might have anywhere from 2 to 6 shower heads and can be quite large and elegant. Any shower remodeling idea should include all the new shower nozzles which can be big and give you lots of water or ones with jet massage streams. Modern walk in showers can also come with luxurious marble and even a place to sit.

Other master bathroom ideas include having heated towel racks and the most modern toilets that are heated and even give of a pleasant scent. Sound systems are becoming more common as well as flat screen televisions in the highest end bathrooms. If you set things up correctly, you will be able to watch your flat screen TV from your bathtub.

Whether you have bought a new house and are trying to put the finishing touches on your master bathroom or whether you are remodeling it from the start, investing in a master bathroom is something you will not regret. Having a nice master bathroom is something that can put a house over the top in an prospective buyer's eyes and may very well make your home easier to sell when that time comes.

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