Bathroom tiles come in many different materials and colors. There are advantages of some types of tiles over others and listed below are some of the pluses and minuses of the most popular bathroom tiles ideas:

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: very durable, versitile, low maintenance, easy to install and low in cost
Cons: they can vary in colour from batch to batch

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: tough, variety of design
Cons: requires modified setting material to anchor it to substrate

Terra Cotta Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: beautiful, long lasting
Cons: quality can vary

Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: elegant, long lasting
Cons: expensive, slippery surface

Marble Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: beautiful
Cons: expensive, hard to maintain, can crack and stain easily

Slate Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: beautiful, long lasing
Cons: soft surface, tendency to split and crack

Engineered Stone Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: design variety, hard surface
Cons: high maintenance, tends to chip and dull

Concrete Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: very durable
Cons: difficult to install

Glass Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: beautiful, large variety
Cons: expensive and difficult to install

Granite Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: durable, dense, strong
Cons: limited trim options


Bathroom cabinets ideas are not quite as important as in the kithen. Kitchen cabinets play a major roll in the look of the kitchen and it could be said maybe the whole bottom floor. In the bathroom however, they are mostly there for functionality rather than looks. Don't misunderstand, their style is important if you are going to have a nice bathroom, just not quite as important as in the kitchen.

Bathroom wall cabinets should be big enough to hold all the toiletries and items for everyone who is going to use the bathroom. This sometimes becomes a problem when more than one person uses a bathroom. You need to make sure to get bathroom cabinets that have enough storage room and that is the most important thing.

Bathrooms are typically small areas and if you are not careful with your bathroom design, you might find that your bathroom cabinets or bathroom vanity interfere with the bathroom door. You need to make sure your bathroom is big enough for the type of cabinets or vanities you are installing.

Most bathroom cabinets are stock units that come in standard sizes but you can choose to put in something more original if you want. Putting in a one of a kind bathroom cabinet design does wonders to take your bathroom out of the ordinary. If you do get something original, make sure it is made to withstand the moisture in the bathroom and it needs to be something with a waterproof finish. In other words, you have to have cabinets made that are especially designed for a bathroom environment.

Bathroom cabinets are a big part of any bathroom design ideas as they are one of the first things you see when you walk in a bathroom. They have to match the decor of the bathroom and now look like they are out of place. They have to be functional and stylish if you want to have a bathroom that is pleasing to the eyes.


Whether you are looking for cheap bathroom sink ideas or cool bathroom sink ideas, you know your old sink has to go. If you are in the process of updating your bathroom, that ugly dirty sink needs to be replaced with something with more style.

The bathroom sink is one of the first things a person notices when they walk in a bathroom. If your sink looks old and out of date, replacing it with a newer style may make a surprisingly noticeable affect on the bathroom. Replacing your bathroom's sink is not that hard an undertaking either.

Most bathrooms have the standard porcelain oval shaped bowl but you have a lot more bathroom sink ideas to choose from now. You can get sinks in many different shapes and colours and the newest thing is to have the sink above the counter as seen in the picture below.

Unfortunately, having a raised glass sink is probably going to mean you are going to have to get a whole new cabinet counter top as well. These fancy new raised colorful bathroom sinks are all the rage now in the upper end homes but they can be bought at most home improvement stores like Home Depot. These glass bathroom sinks come in a large variety of colors and designs which will only make you have more trouble deciding which is right for you. A sink like this can be a very cool addition to your bathroom.

Bathroom sinks can come in many different shapes as well or you can always have one custom made to give your bathroom a unique look. You can add ripples or shapes to the rim of your sink to give it an even different look.

Most bathroom sinks are made from porcelain but they can be made out of glass, metal, or stone. Porcelain is still the best material based on its durability and ease of cleaning and maintaining. Stone, which some small vessel sinks are made out of, might be the most difficult to keep clean because most stone is not a totally smooth surface.

Great bathroom sink ideas are all about what you as an individual wants. Be careful to remember that if you get something with a unique style that is totally hot right now it may not be a popular style 5 or 10 years from now.