If you are looking for a quick way to spruce up your bathrooms, try thinking of some shower curtain ideas. Shower curtains are an inexpensive way to change the atmosphere of your bathroom as it is the biggest and most visible bathroom accessory.

When choosing a new shower curtain, you need to make a big decision right from the start. Do you want your shower curtain to blend in with your bathroom colors or do you want it to stand out and make a statement all it's own? If you choose the more elegant option, your shower curtain will become the central focus of the bathroom.

Not all shower curtains are made of cheap plastic and you can get nice ones made out of polyester, cotton, or other washable materials. In some stores, you may even be able to get your shower curtain specially designed just for you. Ask your local home improvement store whether they provide this service or whether they know someone who does. This will take your bathroom shower curtains ideas to a whole new level.

Your shower curtains should match or go with your shower heads and faucets. Just like you should get bathroom showerheads that do not tarnish, your shower curtains should be kept clean so that they look their best. Many a nice shower curtain has the look of a old raggedy sheet after months of use and not being cleaned. If you are to keep your bathroom looking great, your shower curtains must be cleaned regularily.

Bathroom design ideas are a dime a dozen but they all have to work in the shower one way or another. If you spend the time to carefully plan your showers and walk in baths as well as the curtains to go well with the rest of the bathroom, you will be rewarded with a room that is a pleasure to use.


Bathroom faucets options have come a long way in recent years. When you go into a bathroom now, there is no telling what kind of faucet and faucet design you are going to find.

In many public bathrooms including hotels and restaurants, the faucets are automatic where you don't have to touch anything. This is great for handwashing hygiene and the water coming out is always a nice luke warm temperature. Although the automatic or electric faucet is nice, very few homes have them installed.

Bathroom faucets contribute greatly to the overall bathroom design and your choice of faucets should be taken seriously. You will first have do decide whether you want widespread or centerspread bathroom faucets or maybe even the mini spread version. You can have your faucet be wall mounted or the more traditional faucet that is attached to the sink.

Once you decide on the style of faucet you need to figure out the finish you would like. There are no lack of choices for bathroom faucet finishes which include antique nickel, black iron, brushed bronze, brazen bronze, matte chrome, pearl nickel, oil rubbed bronze, French gold, satin nickel, chrome, wrought iron and many more. Some other bathroom faucet finishes ideas are:

Blackened Bronze
Brushed Nickel
Chrome and Platinum
Chrome and Porcelain
Chrome and Satin Nickel
Classic Gold and Pebbled Cream
Dark Bronze
Hammered Nickel
Nickel and Matte Black
Platinum and Chrome
Polished Chrome
Satin Nickel and Chrome
Satin Nickel and Polished Brass
Satine and Ivory
Satine and Polished Brass
Stainless Steel

Some faucet handles ideas are standard lever handles, porcelain lever handles, standard cross handles, and porcelain cross handles. you can find many of these at your local or national home improvement store.


Bathroom towels ideas are important to finish off the look of your bathroom properly. When a person first walks in a bathroom they see three things: the bathroom mirror, the shower curtain, and the towels. It is crucial, therefore, to have towels that match the bathroom's decor.

Not only is the style and color of your bathroom towels important but also the towel racks which can be called the towel bar. Towel bars can come in many styles and finishes so you need one that compliments your bathroom style. In other words, you don't want a towel bar that is brand new and modern in a bathroom that has an old style flair. You also will need a towel bar that looks right with the other bathroom accessories.

You can get bathroom towel rods in many different finishes but they normally come in gold, chrome, or white and they come in all sorts of styles. You might also think about getting a heated towel warmer which some of the newer homes are equipped with. Decorative towel rods and bars are important finishing touches to any bathroom.

The bathroom towels ideas must center on getting towels that look the part of the bathroom you are trying to create. Once you decide on the towel rods, focusing on finding the right towels is the next step. You will of course want bathroom towels that feel right to the touch but also ones that look nice with the bathroom decor. Bathroom towes come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and it may be a challenge to find what looks right and feels right too. Any bathroom design ideas are incomplete without the right set of towels.


Bathroom tiles come in many different materials and colors. There are advantages of some types of tiles over others and listed below are some of the pluses and minuses of the most popular bathroom tiles ideas:

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: very durable, versitile, low maintenance, easy to install and low in cost
Cons: they can vary in colour from batch to batch

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: tough, variety of design
Cons: requires modified setting material to anchor it to substrate

Terra Cotta Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: beautiful, long lasting
Cons: quality can vary

Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: elegant, long lasting
Cons: expensive, slippery surface

Marble Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: beautiful
Cons: expensive, hard to maintain, can crack and stain easily

Slate Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: beautiful, long lasing
Cons: soft surface, tendency to split and crack

Engineered Stone Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: design variety, hard surface
Cons: high maintenance, tends to chip and dull

Concrete Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: very durable
Cons: difficult to install

Glass Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: beautiful, large variety
Cons: expensive and difficult to install

Granite Bathroom Tiles Ideas
Pros: durable, dense, strong
Cons: limited trim options


Bathroom cabinets ideas are not quite as important as in the kithen. Kitchen cabinets play a major roll in the look of the kitchen and it could be said maybe the whole bottom floor. In the bathroom however, they are mostly there for functionality rather than looks. Don't misunderstand, their style is important if you are going to have a nice bathroom, just not quite as important as in the kitchen.

Bathroom wall cabinets should be big enough to hold all the toiletries and items for everyone who is going to use the bathroom. This sometimes becomes a problem when more than one person uses a bathroom. You need to make sure to get bathroom cabinets that have enough storage room and that is the most important thing.

Bathrooms are typically small areas and if you are not careful with your bathroom design, you might find that your bathroom cabinets or bathroom vanity interfere with the bathroom door. You need to make sure your bathroom is big enough for the type of cabinets or vanities you are installing.

Most bathroom cabinets are stock units that come in standard sizes but you can choose to put in something more original if you want. Putting in a one of a kind bathroom cabinet design does wonders to take your bathroom out of the ordinary. If you do get something original, make sure it is made to withstand the moisture in the bathroom and it needs to be something with a waterproof finish. In other words, you have to have cabinets made that are especially designed for a bathroom environment.

Bathroom cabinets are a big part of any bathroom design ideas as they are one of the first things you see when you walk in a bathroom. They have to match the decor of the bathroom and now look like they are out of place. They have to be functional and stylish if you want to have a bathroom that is pleasing to the eyes.


Whether you are looking for cheap bathroom sink ideas or cool bathroom sink ideas, you know your old sink has to go. If you are in the process of updating your bathroom, that ugly dirty sink needs to be replaced with something with more style.

The bathroom sink is one of the first things a person notices when they walk in a bathroom. If your sink looks old and out of date, replacing it with a newer style may make a surprisingly noticeable affect on the bathroom. Replacing your bathroom's sink is not that hard an undertaking either.

Most bathrooms have the standard porcelain oval shaped bowl but you have a lot more bathroom sink ideas to choose from now. You can get sinks in many different shapes and colours and the newest thing is to have the sink above the counter as seen in the picture below.

Unfortunately, having a raised glass sink is probably going to mean you are going to have to get a whole new cabinet counter top as well. These fancy new raised colorful bathroom sinks are all the rage now in the upper end homes but they can be bought at most home improvement stores like Home Depot. These glass bathroom sinks come in a large variety of colors and designs which will only make you have more trouble deciding which is right for you. A sink like this can be a very cool addition to your bathroom.

Bathroom sinks can come in many different shapes as well or you can always have one custom made to give your bathroom a unique look. You can add ripples or shapes to the rim of your sink to give it an even different look.

Most bathroom sinks are made from porcelain but they can be made out of glass, metal, or stone. Porcelain is still the best material based on its durability and ease of cleaning and maintaining. Stone, which some small vessel sinks are made out of, might be the most difficult to keep clean because most stone is not a totally smooth surface.

Great bathroom sink ideas are all about what you as an individual wants. Be careful to remember that if you get something with a unique style that is totally hot right now it may not be a popular style 5 or 10 years from now.


One of the most important things a bathroom mirror does is to reflect light. It is important to pick the right bathroom mirror as it will be the focal point of the bathroom and the right mirror will actually make the room look bigger.

Bathroom mirrors come in all sizes and shapes which makes bathroom mirror ideas a challenge. Mirrors can come in oval, square, rectangular, and round shapes. You can also decide whether you want your mirror with or without a frame. Most bathroom mirrors do not have frames and so choosing one with a frame will immediately distinguish your mirror and bathroom from the norm.

The type of bathroom mirror you choose will give your bathroom its personality and charm. A bad choice of mirror will add nothing to the bathroom while the right mirror can do wonders. When contemplating your bathroom mirrors ideas, make sure you factor in the style, colour, and type of mirror and make sure it goes well with all the other bathroom accessories you have

The size of the mirror you choose will also greatly impact the overall feel of the bathroom. you don't want to choose a mirror that is too small to be useful and you also want to stay away from choosing ones that are too big and take over the bathroom. You might choose to install lights or sidelights on your mirror to give better visibility and an added touch of style.

A frame less bathroom mirror will give a modern look to your bathroom and a mirror with a frame will most likely give your bathroom an older architectural style feel.

A bathroom mirror can change the look of a bathroom completely and if used with proper lighting it can be quite stunning. It is your choice whether you want to create a traditional look, or a contemporary look to your bathroom and how you use your bathroom mirror to help you establish that look.


Most bathrooms have cold hard flooring made up of either vinyl or tile. If there is any room in the house that needs a rug for both the aesthetic value and practical value it is the bathroom. Bathroom floors are typically cold and so the addition of a bathroom rug gives the room a warmer feel as well as a warmer touch to your feet.

The bathroom is a high traffic area of any house and this must be taken into consideration when contemplating bathroom rug ideas. You should get a rug that is washable, fares well in damp conditions, and won't show wear to easily with lots of use. In other words, a shag rug is probably not what you are looking for.

When you look at your plain bathroom and decide you need to do something to spruce it up, you might be looking for some bathroom design ideas. A colorful bath rug might be the first step toward turning your bathroom into a more inviting room. The right stylish bathroom rug will give your bathroom an updated look that be pleasing to both the eyes and the feet.

Bathroom rug ideas for kids bathrooms are all about color, fun, and safety. Any rug in a child's bathroom should be slip free and should be easy to clean. Bathroom rugs in kids bathrooms will get a lot of use but they can also give the room a fun feeling as well.

Bathroom rugs should compliment whatever else you have done with your bathroom in terms of fixtures, colours, and style. Part of a complete bathroom remodel should include a brand new rug which goes well with all the new updates including the towels you are going to use. A bathrom without a rug looks baron and usually does not flow well with the rest of the house.

All bathroom rugs should have some form of rubber backing to prevent the rug from slipping. If your bathroom rug slips along the tiles underneath, it can create a very dangerous situation. Safety should always be an important consideration when choosing you rug in any room of the house.


Are you planning on redesigning your bathroom? If so, you are probably anxious to pick the right colors for your new bathroom to make it look just right. Picking the right colors might be the most important decision you make because it sets the tone for the room. Picking the right colour may mean the difference between a great bathroom design idea that will give you pleasure for years to come or a poorly accentuated bathroom that never looks quite right.

When you start planning all those bathroom design ideas, you should think about these ways we respond to the different colors:

Black is usually associated with darkness and despair. It is also often associated with death so you might think twice before using this color. The color black will absorb light and unless you want your bathroom to be a depressing place, black should be used sparingly.

Very much the opposite of black, white works to reflect about 85% of light. White seems to make rooms seem brighter and larger. Unfortunately, white walls are vulnerable to scraping and marking and a bathroom environment might not be the best place for white.

Darker shades of red will create a sense of warmth. Red will also act to stimulate and energize so it can be a very exciting and vibrant color for a bathroom. Many people use red scented candles in their bathrooms and brighter reds may counterbalance neutral colors and add excitement to the room.

Orange has some of the same characteristics of red and may work well with a bathroom. The brighter the orange you use, the more lively the room will become. A softer orange will tend to make the room more warm and welcoming.

Green works will to balance red and orange. For a kitchen, a darker shade of green may work the same as black. It is probably best to stay away from the darker greens and and stick with the lighter shades.

It is said that blue works to calm the nervous system. It can soften bright rooms but is not too ofen used in a kitchen. Very similar to green, if a dark shade of blue is used it may end up with the same effect as black. The lighter shades of blue make people feel peaceful and comforted.

Yellow is a fantastic color that is often used in kitchens. It is a cheery and stimulating color. Lighter yellows will work to make the bathroom feel larger. It is a powerful color though that is best not overused. Yellow is best used in combination with another color.

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles Add Color

Are you looking for some exiting colour in your new bathroom? One of the best bathroom ideas for adding color is to use ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are one of the easiest methods to add wall patterns, bold coloring, or any unusual designs to your bathroom floors and walls.

One of the concerns of having a tiled bathroom floor is that people might think the tiles are cold to the feet and can be uncomfortable. While it is true that tile is cooler than many bathroom floor materials, it is really not that cold to the touch. You can also install radiant floor heat if you are concerned about the temparature of your floors. as a disadvantage because they think that tiles have a consistently cool surface.

Ceramic tile has been a fixture in bathrooms for many years as it offers an easy way to add texture and design. If you choose to have tile on your walls, glazed ceramic tile is the best choice for the walls and countertops as it is more slippery and can be a hazard if it is used on the floors. When using tile for your bathroom design ideas, make sure you don't go overboard with the color and use too many dark and deep colors. Travertine tile is always a popular choice for bathrooms. Try to use colors that are natural and work with the other elements present in your bathroom.

Design Ideas For Bathrooms

If you are looking for some great bathroom design ideas, this is the book for you. Design Ideas for Bathrooms presents hundreds of ideas and solutions for creating an up-to-date bathroom. With almost and 500 photographs of professionally designed bathrooms, this book presents the best ideas from today’s most talented designers. There is complete coverage of the latest master baths, family baths, powder rooms, accessible designs, fixtures, and desirable spa amenities.

In addition, Design Ideas for Bathrooms contains a full representation of ideas for finishing materials from high-end looks in stone to affordable plastic laminates. Other targeted topics include design ideas for vanities and storage, lighting, and ventilation. An unrivaled resource of information, this book explains how to make design decisions and product choices based on lifestyle needs. Lots of “Smart Tips” and “Sidebars” provide information at a glance. This book retails for $19.95 but you can get a cheaper price here - Design Ideas for Bathrooms

The Luxury of a Bathroom Heated Floor

One of the most popular bathroom design ideas is to put radiant floor heat into your bathroom. Do you wake up early in the morning only to be shocked at how cold the tile or marble flooring is on your bathroom floor? Most bathrooms do have tile or some other cold hard surface and putting in radiant heat below the floor is something you can do that is not that expensive.

Putting radiant floor heat in most average size bathrooms will cost somewhere between $400 and $800 dollars. You must consider, however, the value of your home will increase and any home with radiant heat floors will be easier to sell when that time comes.

There are two types of radiant heat that you can put under your bathroom floors. Electric is perhaps the cheapest and easiest method of radiant heat as it entails putting electric coils under the floor. These can be bought and come in patches which you can install or have a professional install. Electric radiant heat works just like the coils in your toaster. When electricity is run through the metal coils they heat up and in turn heat up your bathroom floor.

The second type of radiant heat floors is hydronic heat which entails putting pipes beneath your bathroom floor. The pipe then carries warm water through it which in turn heats the floor. This is more involved to install properly and anything with pipes and running water has some chance of leaking and having other complications.

There are many bathroom design ideas to consider and installing radiant heat floors is one of the ones you may be glad you did for years to come. Having heated floors in your bathroom is a luxury you will always be able to enjoy and once you have it installed you will forget how cold those bathroom floors once were!

Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you having trouble deciding on a style to decorate your bathroom? Home design is about creating rhythm and flow from room to room, so you are smart to want to upgrade that bathroom and come up with some wonderful bathroom design ideas. Bathroom remodeling is a great way to add value to your home. It may also add pleasure to your hectic life. Bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling are two of the top major home improvements made by most Americans housholds so you are not alone.

One of the first steps in planning your new bathroom should be to make a detailed drawing of your existing bathroom design. That way you have a starting point. If you take a look at magazines with bathroom pictures, you will come upon some bathroom design ideas that are unique and some that are outrageous. You will probably decide for something in between the two. When establishing your budget keep in mind the design ideas you would like and whether they fall on the pricier side.

In the end, bathroom remodeling can cost you as much or as little as you choose but if you are good at DIY home improvement then you can save money by doing it yourself. Take your time and come up with something you will enjoy living with for a long time to come.

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